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International Marketing

This course concentrates on the development and application of the knowledge and skills required to manage the marketing process effectively in various cultural environments. Among the topics covered are sources of competitive advantage in the international arena and international market structure analysis.

Marketing Planning and Analysis

This course focuses on the application of marketing as an integrative process. Topics include analysis of markets, planning and product strategies, and developing a balance in marketing decisions that considers prices, channels of distribution, promotional concerns, competition, and other factors.

Digital Marketing

Today, social network applications are being used to integrate and coordinate marketing communications, including advertising, PR personal selling, direct marketing, market research, and sales promotion. An exploration of this interplay constitutes the foundation of the class. In this course, we explore the effect of social media on traditional marketing disciplines and how they work together.

Marketing and Customer Relations

This course explores the dimensions of successful service firms. It prepares Participants for enlightened management and suggests creative entrepreneurial opportunities. Outstanding service organizations are managed differently than their merely good competitors. Actions are based on very different assumptions about the way success is achieved. Beginning with the service encounter, service managers must blend marketing, technology, people, and information to achieve a distinctive competitive advantage. In this course, the participants will study service management from an integrated viewpoint with a focus on customer satisfaction, integrate operations, marketing, strategy, information technology and organizational issues.

Human Resource Analytics

This course examines research design for organizational measurement and assessment. Assessment and evaluation tools are examined for hiring, performance management, career development, retention, and termination processes. An emphasis is on creating and implementing a human resource scorecard using predictive analytics.

Labor Relations in Companies

This course provides an in-depth study of the history of collective bargaining including how changes in product and service markets affect the way labor and management relate to each other. Employment laws and their impact on labor-management cooperation are explored. Participants trace how collective bargaining has adapted to economic, social, political, technical, and sector-specific needs. Various dispute resolution mechanisms and bargaining strategies are examined.

Negotiating and Consulting

This course examines the concepts and the application of internal consulting in the human resources function of any organization. It draws from thought leaders in the practice and leverages real world situations. The objective is to equip human resource professionals to be strategic business partners. Also included are conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution methods.