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Health Economics

The course examines methods for the analysis of markets in health and medical care, describes the economics of health in low-and middle-income countries and focuses on the analysis and development of concepts and problem solving.  The participant will be imparted with all the fundamental concepts of health economics with case studies to support the theoretical principles.


Health Planning and Evaluation

The course enhances the competencies of health officials to manage programs, multiple hospital projects and centralized equipment procurement at various levels of the health care systems. This course introduces the fundamental elements of health planning, equipment procurement, monitoring and evaluation of hospital programs in the public, and private sectors.


Hospital Management

This course helps participants to advance their career in medical administration. The participants gain a firm grasp of medical and scientific terms used day-to-day in hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical settings. In this course, participants will gain the skills to communicate effectively and manage staff, processes and healthcare resources at all levels.


Financial Management for Health Institutions

This course teaches critical skills in analyzing and working within the health care industry. The course focuses on the economic and financial drivers of the domestic health care system including private and public financing and delivery models.  Taking a practical approach, this course will enable participants to understand financial performance and provide them with the skills and knowledge needed for the financial management of health services and programs.


Clinical Research for Health Professionals

There is an increasing need for qualified clinical investigators, defined as those participating in patient-oriented, translational, epidemiologic, behavioral, outcomes or health services research. The objective of this course is to provide training for the next generation of healthcare workers in the clinical research arena, providing a platform for more enhanced efficiencies in the translation of medical discoveries into clinical practice.