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COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement and Engagement in Professions Forum

AEP COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement and Engagement in Professions Forum will be held against a backdrop of worrying geopolitical and geo-economic tensions. Addressing these challenges is vital for the future readiness of the organizations and the professionals. These tensions pose new testing grounds for the managerial ability to deal with a growing range of collective challenges, from the mounting evidence of environmental degradation to the increasing disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitalization.
AEP COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement, and Engagement in Professions Forum aim to discuss the latest global risks for organizations and businesses in the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society. Economic and political confrontations for practitioners will be discussed with particular insights from the academics, experts, and professionals.
AEP Global Risks and Management Forum acknowledges that traditional boundaries between all sectors have become distorted and now with a wider governance role attributed to the practitioners and professionals, creative but destructive opportunities are emerging at all levels, allowing independent thinking and innovativeness to bring about new business remedies as never before.


What are the main paybacks of the Forum? 
AEP COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement, and Engagement in Professions Forum include series of “what-if” scenarios for businesses and organizations encompassing the future shocks that examine digitalization, weather manipulation, monetary populism, emotionally responsive artificial intelligence, and other potential risks. The theme of emotions is also addressed in the Forum on the human causes and effects of global risks. AEP COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement and Engagement in Professions  Forum also provides greater action-based solutions for the global risk and issues surrounding the organizations and business practices.
The Forum promotes the worldwide exchange of know-how and expertise, creates solutions, and fosters good practices in integrative risk management and future-readiness. It aims for an improved understanding, assessment, and management of practical issues and risks in business practices that affect human safety, security, health, the environment, critical infrastructures, the economy, and society at large.
There is an urgent need to find new ways of working together for global risks. AEP COVID-19 Challenges, Advancement, and Engagement in Professions Forum are partnering for progress, as in the context of global instability and digital revolution affecting economy, politics, society, and environment.


What is intended in the Forum? 
AEP Global Risks and Management Forum considers constant communication and experience sharing to capture these new opportunities, taking full advantage of the knowledge, skills, reach, and experience that experts of all kinds offer each other to imagine sustainable systems in areas such as administration, finance, energy, mobility, food, health and education amongst others.
AEP Global Risks and Management Forum aims not only to create better products and services but also to produce more inclusive economic growth, advancing our common future and making a long-term impact. And it all starts by bringing all relevant professionals and practitioners together.


Who to participate? 
Decision-makers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, board members, company managers, public officers, bankers, industry specialists, risk managers, and governing teams of the organizations and corporations.


What is the format of the AEP Forum? 
  •  The Forum aims to achieve its intentions through interactive keynote presentations and roundtable panel discussions with leaders in finance and politics, influencers and entrepreneurs, as well as sector-specific breakout sessions with industry specialists,
  • The Forum is blended with plenty of networking time in an intimate and laid-back environment.
  • Chatham House Rule applies.
  • Format of forums allows people to speak as individuals, and to express views that may not be those of their organizations, and therefore it encourages free discussion.

Date: July 19-21, 2020
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Price: 950,00 $


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Start Time


19 August 2021

Finish Time


21 August 2021